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Basic & Simple Websites Portfolio

We have worked hard even with small business owners to help them achieve the maximum out of their web presence needs. Our basic solutions include the ability to change pictures and text on the fly, thus enabling even the smallest of websites we did, to stay current without involvment of any technical staff at all.

Recursos Directivos de Transic
Recursos Directivos de Transicion S L is a Spain based consultancy firm who needed a multi-lingual CMS website built for their customers.

Artologics developed a multi-lingual Content Management System for their use, the visitors can click the corresponding flag (Spanish, Catalan, English) to choose the language and hence the website area.

The system has a built in news management system alongwith press releases management where visitors can download PDF and MS Word format press releases.
Recursos Directivos de Transic
EIG UK is a United Kingdom based enegry consultancy firm specializing in preparation of Home Information Packs for customers in UK.

EIG needed a robust CMS system where their customers (Real Estate Agents or Home Sellers) can request bids for preparation of HIPs and Home Inspectors (freelancers) can bid of any such requests in thier area.

The solution was developed using using by Artologics. We developed a robust, easy to use website where Home Inspectors and Real Estate Agents can register and interact with the website as required.
Global Resources Network
Global Resources Network is a leading International Recruitment company for Oil & Gas and Mining Industry Executives and staff, GRN brings together the global professional work force and the worlds top employers. GRN needed an easy to handle, great looking CMS website which they can mantain easily. They also wanted to publish jobs available with them so that candidates around the world can apply directly to them for further hiring.

The solution was provided using ArtoContent. Artocontent powers numerous pages that carry information about the company, the jobs and the CV submission process and the FAQs.
Global Resources Network
ASP Support
ASP Support offers medical sevices for its members. Artologics delivered them a complete solutions with multiple sites running off the same database.

The solution was provided using ArtoContent. Artocontent powers numerous forms that their customers fill out in order to become a member of the plan and then operate websites from an admin control panel.
Private Club Society
Private Club Access lets you gain access to participating private clubs nationwide where you can enjoy golf, tennis, fitness and dining at existing guest rates. The solution was provided using ArtoContent.

The functionality included building a news section and an advanced content management system to manage day to day activities on the website. It also included importing thousands of records into the system using scripts and accomodating the data in the new database according to requirements of the website.
Private Club Society
Omni of Memphis LLC
Omni of Memphis LLC
Omni of Memphis LLC buys and sells used cotton pickers. Thier 30 year experience allows them to provide the best service to their customers.

Pickers' owners ,who want to sell them, can upload their machines information.

Potential buyers have the chance to browse thier pickers inventory and make your selection.

The site is multi-lingual (three languages: English, Greek and Turkish are being used) and was developed using ArtoContent 2.0
Leben-in-Griechenland is a Greece based firm and it provides relocation services to individuals in Germany and offers them property and investment opportunities in Greece. The service does the same for people in Greece and offers them investment and relocation opportunities in Germany.

Artologics developed a content management system (CMS) for them where their visitors can search for properties and houses by clicking on dynamic maps, and hence can reach their desired properties and view details. The task involved handling dynamic images maps.

The website is built to serve as a multi-ligual platform so that customers anywhere in the world can get information in any language they like. There is a possibility to add unlimited languages to site, so naturally everything had to be kept very flexible to cater for future needs of the firm.
Sienna Education Consultants
Sienna Education Consultants
Sienna is a British company and is formed of a group of highly experienced education consultants in the USA and throughout Pakistan.Sienna?s primary purpose is to offer students quality study options.

Artologics developed a content management system (CMS) for them where their students can search universities from a huge database and then select and apply to universities of thier choice. The system allows universities and administrators to login with different privelages and perform routine tasks such as course entry, view reports, CMS management etc.

The system has an extensive built-in reporting module which allows regional managers, administrators and universities to review reports and export those reports to excel for further analysis and processing.
Mind Works Hypnotherapy

Mind Works is the venture of Terry Doherty who embarked on his journey of self discovery as a child when his father died when he (Terry) was only one year old. Terry learnt to become self reliant, with the support of his family and to forge a strong character in his early years.

Mind works needed an easy to use CMS managed website, where different employees of Mind Works can add/edit/delete pages on the fly, with different content and pictures. The website had to be user friendly as well as search engine friendly to rank high on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Artologics Software provided an easy to use website using state of the art technology of ArtoContent CMS. Search engine friendly URLs helped with better search engine rankings on
Google and Yahoo.

Mind Works Hypnotherapy
Tyrone Productions Design
Tyrone Productions Design
Tyrone Productions is an Ireland based production house, who needed an attractive and trendy website designed for their online presence.

Artologics Software provided a new design, which is in implementation phase.
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